Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp
Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp
Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp
Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp

Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp

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Product Details
  • How it works: the blue plasma light attracts insects --> the live wire eliminates them
  • Kills all unwanted insects: mosquitos, mothes, flies, houseflies, wasps, bugs, mossies, cockroaches, midges.
  • Solar powered: no need for wiring or battery costs. Solar panel harnesses the sun's rays and stores the energy in rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Works all day & night: rechargeable batteries maintain work at night or when there is no sun
  • Compact and transportable: it can be placed almost anywhere, even when you are travelling
  • Chemical-free: safe, hygienic (easy to clean by removing front cover) and chemical free

Don’t let mosquitoes or other insects keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy the summer to the fullest!
The Insects Killer - Newest UV Lamp is a safe, hygienic and chemical-free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes, and unwanted insects. Ideal for backyard parties and large social gatherings, our newest UV lamp provides unlimited protection against mosquitoes during the whole night.
It will protect you from all those pesky bugs and insects. Flying pests will be attracted by the blue plasma light and then executed by the live wire. Quick and effective!
No need for any wiring or batteries. With the solar panel, there is no need for wiring or battery costs. The solar panel simply harnesses the sun’s rays and stores the energy in the rechargeable batteries and makes it ready to use.
One of the key features is its mobility, it can be easily transported and moved anywhere. With the suction mounting pads on the back, it can be mounted anywhere where it's needed.
Ideal for picnics and days out in nature. Make those moments carefree and even more enjoyable than they already are with this UV lamp.

  • Advanced PV Technology
  • It effectively kills mosquitoes, black flies, and other flying pests
  • Solar powered it works without plugs or batteries
  • Super-grip suction pads that can be mounted anywhere
  • Chemical-free & safe to use
  • Easily cleaned & hygienic
  • Portable & great for travel
  • Easy to use & quiet
Size: 4.5 cm x 10 cm
Package includes: 1x UV Lamp